Looking to protect your home or business premises from burglary attempts through CCTV Camera System ?

Our video surveillance systems are designed to meet these objectives:

  • Provide protection by image around the property to be protected before the burglars reach the physical accesses (doors, windows, ...) of the goods,
  • Being autonomous to ensure its own protection without having to pay a subscription to remote surveillance services (such as in France like Verisure, Nexecur, EPS, ...),
  • Receive information by email * and / or SMS within 30 seconds upon the triggering of an alert,
  • Benefit from professional equipment and the expertise of our team for the effective configuration of your CCTV system

**: with images of start and end of alerts in attachments


What do you want to protect?

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Qualité Pro

Garantie 2 ans

Vision Jour / Nuit

distance 30 mètres

Mode automatique

Levée de doute immédiate

Notification en temps réel par

email et SMS*

* : gratuit pour les abonnés Free
hors forfait 2€/mois